Gdansk Mint - Lem's Unusual World

3D animation created for the promotion of the series of collector coins “Stanislaw Lem, master of fantasy”, mint by the Gdansk Mint. The production was based on excerpts from the books “Solaris” and “Invincible”.

The scene in the studio was recreated on the basis of photos received from the writer’s family. It also features original drawings by Daniel Mroz, author of the most famous illustrations to Lem’s stories.

Pierre Fabre – Elgydium Spot

The commercial spot produced for Elgydium brand’s “Win against tartar” campaign. The 3D animation, in which we recreated a human tooth and showed the process of cleaning and remineralizing enamel, shows the process of the new AntiPlaque product.

Hypersat - Modular Satellite Platform

3D animation created on behalf of Creotech Instruments S.A., one of the leading Polish companies producing and supplying space technology to the world market.

HyperSat is a modular satellite platform, which is equipped with specialized instruments that allow to carry out a wide range of space missions. Based on photos and materials received from the manufacturer, we reconstructed the platform, building its model in 3D, then creating an animation.

Szczepanki mills - A short story about country flour

The production was created in cooperation with brand agency – for Młyny Szczepanki. The 2D animation was fully prepared specifically for the product campaign “Flour as it used to be”. – we created every detail of it from scratch, not using ready-made materials.

Pierre Fabre – Eludril Care

3D spot made for Pierre Fabre’s product campaign. Eludril Care mouthwash, was recreated from product photos and graphic designs provided by the client.

Lufthansa Systems – We are into IT

The recruitment video “We are into IT” is one of several projects created in cooperation with Lufthansa Systems. We focused primarily on the company’s main areas of operation.

The film was shot at the Lufthansa Systems office, the Lech Walesa Airport in Gdansk and a flight simulator training the company’s pilots.

ERGO Hestia - Risk

2D animation created for ERGO Hestia’s internal training needs. Animation made in our studio along with professional voiceover recording.

Thanks to many years of cooperation, our animations are constantly viewed by hundreds of company employees.

HRsys - HR process management system

For HRsys, we created 3D animations for a promotional video showcasing their HR process management system.

In the animation, we presented an accurate representation of how the system works on multiple devices. We are also responsible for animating the logos.

Gdynia - Resident's card - promotional spot

Spot shot for the City of Gdynia to promote the resident’s card and its application.

Shot in multiple locations, it was possible to complete in one day. Animations reproduce the operation of the application and are woven into the production script.

Mennica Gdańska – Witcher Coin Promo

An advertising film made for the Gdansk Mint to promote a coin issued by them with the image of the Witcher.

The footage was shot during a single shooting day. The entire project of eight issues was created in cooperation with Andrzej Sapkowski. Each issue corresponds to successive volumes of The Witcher Saga stories.

Pierre Fabre - Eludril Gamma YouTube Spot

3D animation showing a classic mouthwash product packshot created for the Eludril brand. The ad was dedicated primarily for the YouTube format in ads during the videos being played.

Enjoy – Cozy Rainy Days Interiors

For our client, Enjoy, we designed a total of more than 30 interiors.

We lit them all and made it rain outside the window. Enjoy’s interiors create a backdrop for relaxing music on its channel.

Toki Toki – Explainer Video

A classic example of an explainer video made for Toki Toki. The 2D animation explains the operation of the web platform and application

This is an example of a low-budget production that brilliantly solves the problems of many website and application users.

Pierre Fabre – Eludril White

3D packshot of the Eludril brand product, which we shot in a total of 18 formats.

The spot was dedicated to both a YouTube campaign and social media promotion.